TigerBear presents

Hold Me The Forgotten Way

Showing Online

A National Queer Audiotheatre Collaboration of a Micromonologue Cycle by Harrison David Rivers

Consisting of seven brief audio monologues, this exquisite audiocycle by Harrison David Rivers explores intimate confessions made in public spaces about love and sex. Starting Wednesday June 16 through December 31, 2021.

TigerBear Productions leveraged the unique opportunities of our recent global all-virtual timespace to partner on this project with six remarkable queer theaters across the country. These seven far-flung organizations connected through our shared mission to serve our queer communities and celebrate the talented artists across boundaries of time and distance.

About Face Theatre, Chicago, IL
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, CA
New Conservatory Theater Center, San Francisco, CA
Out Front Theatre, Atlanta, GA
Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco, CA
TigerBear Productions, Palm Springs, CA
TOSOS/The Other Side of Silence, New York, NY

Meet the playwright, cast, directors, producers, and designers in our virtual program.

The monologues will be available online through December 31, 2021.


Showing Online

January 2022

We're Casting Soon

Prince Charming, You’re Late

Once upon a time, young Billy waited for Prince Charming’s rescue. They would live in some far-off kingdom with lots of waltzing. And princess dresses. When an enchanting man half his age and arrow-straight appeared one day, did Billy stop dreaming of happily ever after? Dream on… A true life fable, a one-man middle-age-ed cautionary tale, developed with generous support from the Emerging Artists Theatre New Work Series in NYC.

Showing Online

January 2022

We're Casting Soon

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TigerBear Productions started on its journey long before 2019. Our fore“bears” include the first artists who inspired us as wee cubs, and those who shaped and shared them with us. As we grew, we wondered again and again: who could we gather to tell a story with, and who could we gather to tell it to? Print and stage and screen evolved, and so did we, yet we kept renewing our love of making stories and making them happen. Here, now, we keep telling and making them, with more inspirations in our hearts and imaginations than we can count. Join our journey.

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meet the TigerBear team

Jerome Joseph Gentes

Creative Director

He / Him / His

Co-founded the Musical Cafe Showcase Series, a Berkeley, CA-based performance series and project of PlayCafe. He attended UC Berkeley and Columbia.

Kiki Reef

Board President

She / Her / Hers

Co-owns Michael Semer Marketing Consulting in Beverly Hills. Strong interests in experimental theater and performance art. Interned at Goodman Theatre in Chicago and attended Purdue University.

Farah Dinga

Archivist & Recorder

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San Diego based theatre artist and educator. Trained at the University of California San Diego, she has performed on stages in San Diego and the Bay Area.

Nathanael Card


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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Among his occupations are scenic design and scenic art, lighting design and electrics, producing and directing.

Theo Teris


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Founder of Peter’s Pond Productions. Interned at RCA Records and Dunvagen Music. Worked at Viewpark Media. NYU Tisch School of the Arts and Carnegie Mellon University alum.